Chaubis Khamba Temple

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Chaubis Khamba Temple which is a powerful structure of the 9th or 10th century AD.According to olden tradition this was the majestic entrance gate of the magnificient Mahakala-Vana.These guardian-deities by name Mahamaya and Mahalaya in a very graceful form guards the grand entrance of the structure. One can imagine the dimensions of the boundary-wall of the conventionally recognized Mahakala-vana, which is now covered under thick inhabitation.The remains of the boundary wall are also in existence near this gate. Architectural design of the twenty four ornate columns which belongs to this century only is here.There are two magnificent images of Goddesses are described on each side of the gate with the inscription of their names on the foot steps.
Aarti begins at 8 - 9 a.m. and 7:30 - 8 p.m.
Chowis Khamba Mata Temple is Famous Temple in Ujjain, You Can go Chowis Khamba Mata Temple by citybus and Tempu. it is minimum 3 km From station to Chowis Khamba Mata Temple . Minimum charges of 5 Rs. by CityBus and Tempu. You can reach Within 20 minites .you can also hire Autoriksha. ,By Ujjain Darshan Bus which is taken From Mahakaleshwar Temple.The Minimum Charges of this bus is Rs.40, you can Travel All famous Temple of Ujjain within 4-5 hour.

Gudri Chauraha,
Ujjain (MP) India

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