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MOBILE APPLICATION Fundcare Broker App for Anaj Mandi Broker

Fundcare Broker Android App for Anaj Mandi Broker

In today's era, where on the one hand the whole world is doing fast work by resorting to technology, if you are still using old technology then it is a waste of time. You are not able to bill your customer on time, which can mess up the business system ahead of you.
If you are still using pen and paper to make Brokerage Invoicing for your buyer and seller, so you are wasting your time. You are also investing your more time to send contract detail to buyer and seller by manual drafting of contract note.
The broker of the grain market has to send the copy to the buyer and the seller as soon as the deal is done. As soon as the deal is done, its details have to be drafted and sent to the concerned persons on paper or through email or whatsapp. You also put it in your contract register so that when a bill is to be made, you can make a bill by looking in this register.
Fundcare Broker App is a complete Billing App for broker commission agent who deals in grain, oil and oilseed, cotton seed cake etc.
Fundcare Broker is a complete Solution for broker commission agent in anaj mandi. Special feature of App is single time entry will be posted to buyer and seller both accounts. Bill can be print on plain or pre printed stationary on ledger printer. bill can export to pdf format also. Easy to use App for fast billing. Share Contract Note and Ledger via App.
If you are using Fundcare Broker App, the contract note is created as soon as you enter the contract, which you can share through the fundcare broker app. In addition, a contract ledger is also made, which gives you information about brokerage.
in short, as soon as you entered the contract, all the process of brokerage system completed automatically by app.
FundCare Broker App is associated with  Desktop Application, through which you can do the  year end work such as brokerage rate change, bill print work more easily.
User id is -  102
password is - demo
For More detail you can contact us at 7389871033 (Siddharth Jain), 7000280005 (Rajkumar Jain)


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