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TUTORIALS Barcode Billing from mobile for retail outlet

Barcode Billing from mobile / tablet for retail outlet

Now billing is more easy with mobile connectivity. Fundcare Complete Account, Billing, Stock Solution now available with Mobile Barcode Billing Support for Retail Outlet. 

Now no need to carry articles at cash counter. Salesman can generate challan from sales counter via mobile/tablets. At cash counter Cashier generate bill and collect money. At despatch counter goods delivered to customer after checking bill. 

Salient Feature of this Billing Model

  • Billing very useful in rush hours to control rush at billing counter.  
  • Now Salesman Complete the bill data cashier needs to only print.
  • Bill check with sold article at despatch counter.
  • Customer handling is more easy for Salesman. 
  • Customer now aware about Bill Amount before finalize bill.
  • Now no need to increase cash counter becase now cashier only print the bill.
  • No need to internet connection. Run over wi-fi network.




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