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UJJAIN TOURISM Pir Matsyendranath Samadhi

Pir Matsyendranath Samadhi is known as the tomb of Matsyendra Nath, the famous preceptor of Nath sect. Followers of Nath sect called their saints as Pir. Muslims also call their saints as pir.
It is therefore that Hindus and Muslims equally adore this place . This is very attractive spot on the banks of Shipra River, quite close to the Bhartrihari Caves and the Gadkalika temple.
The shrine is dedicated to a leader of the Natha sect of Shaivism-Matsyendranath. It is also venerated by Muslims. Excavations here have yielded artifacts dating to the 6th and 7th century BC. Pre-Islamic India held ascetics in great reverence, and the same respect was accorded to the peers and saints devoted to Allah.
Living in remote places, isolated from the rest of the community, they were believed to have attained mystic knowledge through severe penance. The simple and low white structure with a dome surrounded by small minarets on four sides barely seems to sum up the greatness of the saint, who was equally revered by the Hindus. 
Peer Matsyendranath Samadhi is Famous Temple in Ujjain.This is very attractive spot on the banks of Shipra River,quite close to the Bhartrihari Caves and the Gadkalika temple.You can reach Pir Matsyendranath Dargah by citybus and Tempo.It is minimum 4 km From station to Pir Matsyendranath Dargah. Minimum charges of 10 Rs. by CityBus and Tempu .you can reach Within 20 minites .you can also hire Autoriksha. ,By Ujjain Darshan Bus which is taken From Mahakaleshwar Temple.The Minimum Charges of this bus is Rs.40, you can Travel All famous Temple of Ujjain within 4-5 hour. 

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