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Have some extra space in your home? Turn that extra bedroom into a “bed and breakfast” room. If you live near any sort of tourist destination, you can try your hand at renting out a room through online community. You may also find paid hosting opportunities in your community: Sign up to host exchange students, visiting professors to a nearby college, or hospital patients receiving long-term treatment.

Many people, when considering renting their property, believe that permanent lettings will ensure the best rental return and a hassle free investment. However renting a holiday property can be a highly profitable endeavour. 

Depending on the location of your property, it may be possible to charge the regular (permanent) monthly rent for just a one week holiday stay. Leasing your property for only 12 weeks a year as a holiday rental would then generate the same investment return as a permanent tenant. Any additional weeks simply increases your return and the property is still available for you to enjoy for your own holidays. 

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