CLIENT Rajnandini Bar and Restaurant


SOFTWARE SOLUTION Software for Petrol Pump
SOFTWARE SOLUTION Software for Hotel And Restaurant

Software for Hotel And Restaurant

FUNDCARE Software  is a very powerful tool for Hotel And Restaurant Management. Very Simple and easy to use Rooms and Restaurant Billing System. 

The program has got powerful features to take care of all requirements of a Hotel and serves as a complete Hotel Management system. The data from various modules flows in Accounts module and all your final reports are produced at a touch of a button.

FUNDCARE SOFTWARE will streamline your business accounting and billing in such a way that through improved management you will see the profitability of your business grow.

FUNDCARE is a comprehensive and lightweight Software designed to help you easily manage and organize your hotel reservations, customers and rooms.
The Software comes with an intuitive interface that helps you generate reports of the availability of rooms and payments. Also, you have the possibility to perform online reservations and monitor your clients.
FUNDCARE is a reservation software system that was created to simplify the booking process and enables you to improve your business.

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