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UJJAIN TOURISM Harsiddhi Temple

This famous Harsiddhi Temple is said to have been built by famous King Vikramāditya. Vikramaditya is said to have visited Miyani, then known as Minalpur, a port city ruled by Prabhatsen Chavda of Chawda dynasty. 
One among the shaktipeeths of Hindu Mythology, Harsiddhi Temple, in Ujjain is the abode of numerous Goddesses of Hindu Pantheon. One among the fascinating aspect of this shrine is the structure which is made up of a rock smeared with turmeric paste and vermilion .The temple turns magnificient on the eve of the Navaratri festival, when hundreds of lamps on the 15 feet lamp stand being lit together.
Vikramadiya was blessed by the Devi. He requested Harsidhhi Mata, to come to his kingdom at Ujjain, where he would worship her daily. She is also known as Vahanvati Mata. 
This temple occupies a special place in the galaxy of ancient sacred spots of Ujjain. The temple is dedicated to Annapurna, seated between the idols of Mahalakshami and Mahasaraswati, the Annapurna is painted with a dark vermillion colour.
The Shri Yatra, the symbol of power or shakti, is also enshrined in this temple. According to Shiva Purana, when Shiva carried away the burning body of Sati from the sacrificial fire, her elbow dropped at this place.
There is an interesting legend in the Skanda Purana about the manner in which the Goddess Chandi acquired the epthet of Harsidhhi. Once when Shiva and Parvati were alone on mount Kailasha, two demons called Chanda and Prachanda tried to force their way in. Pleases Shiva bestowed upon her the epithet of Harsidhhi means 'one who vanquishes all'.
The temple was reconstructed during the Maratha period and has two pillars adorned with lamps, that are special features of Maratha art. There is an ancient well on the premises, and an artistic pillar adorns the top of it. 
HARSIDDHI Temple is Famous Temple in Ujjain, You Can go HARSIDDHI Temple by citybus and Tempu. it is minimum 4 km Fromstation to HARSIDDHI temple . Minimum chrges of 10 Rs. by Bus and Tempu .you can reach Within 6 minites .you can also take Autoriksha and Tanga,By Ujjain Darshan Bus which is taken From Mahakaleshwar Temple.The Minimum Charges of this bus is Rs.40, you can Travel All famous Temple of Ujjain within 4-5 hour.

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